In an increasingly competitive market, you need to differentiate your school from your competitor, EDI offers cutting-edge solutions which will differently prepare your school to pass accreditation visits and  develop you system in a way that best serve your school's vision and values.


To help you succeed in today's dynamic and ever changing world, EDI provides a wide spectrum of training services for both individuals and organizations. Whether you are looking for specific courses or customized learning and development solution, EDI is uniquely qualified to any of these needs.

Standardized Tests

  • Hold teachers and school accountable
  • allow students located in various schools, districts to be compared
  • Provide teachers with guidance for what and when something need to be taught
  • Reliable and objective measures of students achievements


Working as a team, you will be offered as much guidance as you need to make sure the accreditation process is straightforward as we endeavor to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Promoting self-regulation and participation in an ongoing school improvement process
  • A distinguished state of quality recognized internationally
  • Providing external reviewers to help schools stay on track and focuses on improving  student performance
  • Helping schools use multiple measures to gauge student progress